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Neither material can match natural wood’s beauty for exterior surfaces (decks, fences, siding) like stain products. With the right preparation, and application of wood staining, Medias Painting can greatly enhance the natural grain, shades, and textures of wood surfaces.

Although the wide array of staining products on the market may seem confusing, remember that staining is merely a means of adding color to wood. Staining may be used to darken the wood, to bring out a grain pattern, to make one variety wood look like another one, or to accent details. Most sealers used are tinted which gives the deck some color or “stain.” Let’s also note that before any deck is to be sealed or stained it needs to be properly cleaned and prepped. We provide pressure washing to all surfaces prior staining with the waterproofing seal coat, which allows for a more consist stain absorption on the surface. We use only high quality penetrating stain – sealers (oil base and/or water base), which guarantee the best long term protection and easy maintenance in the future.

Medias Painting offers the following staining – sealing services:

  • Deck and fence stain and seal
  • Concrete and stucco stain
  • Garage floor finish
  • Siding staining
  • Oakwood Stairs staining
  • Wood railings staining
  • Staining trim, doors, and molding
  • Staining Shoe molding
  • Woodstaining
  • Gel staining doors
  • Therma-tru stain – fiberglass surfaces
  • Stain and seal log home etc.

We encourage the use of green products – the Environmentally Preferred Choice.

Medias Painting Contractor

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